Welcome to POWER BRAIN ABACUS ...   Welcome to POWER BRAIN ABACUS ...


                      The word ABACUS originated from the Greek word 'ABAX' meaning calculating board. The ABACUS is an age old time tested counting tool designed as a physical aid for the four basic (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division) and advanced mathematical operations.

                      Abacus become popular over the world after being transformed from a calculating instrument into a system having immense power to benefit children of small ages by expanding the brain usage, in addition to making maths learning easy and effective.

                      In some countries abacus course is a part of basic elementary education and widely used for mental maths calculations. It is a common sight in these countries to see young and old both using mental maths in routine.


                       In an ABACUS the decimal number system can be demonstrated visually when children become proficient in the use of abacus through persistent practice they become skilled in mental calculation as they are able to visualize the abacus in their mind which act as a precursor to develop a photographic memory. This in turn has three folds advantage namely increase in concentration, creativity and confidence through enhance Intelligence Quotient (IQ) memorization and grasping power. It is a complete package of All Round Mental Development or unleashing hidden mental potential.


                        To understand how this works we need to understand the working of the human brain. The human brain consists of the left and right brain. The left brain controls logistics, reading, writing and cognitive aspects and is generally referred to as the digital brain. While the right brain controls creativity and artistic aspect and is referred to as the analog brain. The use of the ABACUS brings out the hidden potential of your child's mind because it enables the left  and the right brain to work in harmony as the device uses both left  and right hand stimulus to eject response.

                        Firstly the child's concentration power and memory get a boost because abacus uses visual imaginary, which is perceived faster as the operation in  hand is picturized in the child's mind. These mental pictures are not only retained  better but have a lifelong sustainability as they are ingrained between the age of  4 to 14 years when the maximum growth and development  of  the right and left brain takes place.

                       Secondly the speed of doing calculation is enhanced from 2 to 10 times than the normal speed. This is not only a time saver but it enhances the child's self-confidence and hence the battle against phobia for maths is won. Thus this chain of events initiates an improvement in the child's general performance.

                       Thirdly listening, analyzing, logical reasoning and creativity all get upgraded through lapping the inner potential of the right brain and these are the utmost demanding factors for the survival of your child in the competitive world of today.